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An Age-Old Question Finally Answered - "Little Ethiopia", Washington, D.C.

My interest in Ethiopia began in 2nd grade, and I’ll give you four reasons why - Dawit, Samson, Habtom, and Marhawit.

The three Ethiopian brothers and their curly-haired little sister were enrolled in my school in October or November of 1986.  As the principal escorted them through the halls, introducing them to teachers and all of us students, the little wheels of nosiness inside my 8-year-old brain began turning at rapid speed. I wanted to know - nope, I NEEDED to know everything about them and their country. What was life like in Ethiopia? Why do you have an accent? Do you still have family there? What does Ethiopian food tastes like?

From Tennessee to Kuwait : Journey of an American Expat Educator

In 2008, television news producer Katrina Lewis left her job at the CBS affiliate in Savannah, Georgia, to do something she never thought she would do – teach middle school students. She moved to Memphis, Tennessee to start her new career at Wooddale Middle School as a self contained teacher. Five years later, the 32-year-old West Memphis, Arkansas native continues to shape young minds. Only now, she dons a hijab in the classroom while working as a special needs teacher in Kuwait City, Kuwait.